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"Bela" derives from the Old Norse word "beyla," meaning fertility.

The YaraBela® nitrogen fertilizer range is a proven solution for the crops fertilization; products that have been tried, tested and proven over many years across a range of crops worldwide.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers comprise efficient sources of nitrogen and possibly sulfur and magnesium to fuel growth and productivity. Most commonly packaged as bulk products, YaraBela fertilizers are widely used as dry applications on large-scale field crops.

They supply a balanced source of nitrogen, usually as a mix of ammonium and nitrate forms, to maximize plant uptake, reduce losses and maintain soil fertility.

Where formulated with calcium – as calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) – YaraBela fertilizers also boost crop quality. This includes improved tuber quality in potatoes and better storability in high-quality brassica crops.

The YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers provide consistent, proven crop performance year-in and year-out across a wide range of crops and climatic conditions.

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YaraBela CAN-27

YaraBela CAN-27 contains 27% total Nitrogen, 50% in the nitrate form.