US Tomato Production

Fresh-market tomatoes are produced in every state in America, with commercial-scale production in about 20 states. Florida is the leader in fresh-market production, while California is the leading producer of all tomatoes. Together they account for almost 2/3 of total fresh-tomato acreage. Ohio, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee complete the top six in terms of area planted.

In terms of consumption, tomato is the fourth most popular fresh-market vegetable in US, following potato, lettuce and onion.

California accounts for about 94% of the area harvested for processing tomatoes in the country. The state also leads the world’s production in that category.

Americans consume about 75% of their tomatoes in processed form. The Economic Research Service of USDA suggests that the largest processed use of tomatoes is in sauces, followed by paste, canned whole tomato products and ketchup and juice.

USDA statistics show that in 2009 over 15 million tons of tomatoes were produced in US, including fresh and processing.