Micronutrient coating

YaraVita® PROCOTE® is an innovative liquid technology developed by Yara for coating prilled and granular fertilizers with micronutrients. It allows growers to reliably and accurately spread essential micronutrients to their growing crop. The micronutrients zinc, boron, copper, manganese and their combinations will be available.

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Hidden hunger

Micronutrient deficiencies are widespread but remain mostly undetected. Steadily increasing crop yields further deplete soil micronutrient levels and can limit the growth and development of crops. This is often referred to as “hidden hunger”. Adequate micronutrient supply limits the effect of hidden hunger.

Even supply

Crops require micronutrients in small quantities. Minor variations in blending and spreading accuracy, combined with variations in granule size and density, reduce the farmer’s ability to spread micronutrients evenly and accurately to the growing crop. Micronutrient coating ensures even micronutrient supply with each single fertilizer granule.

YaraVita PROCOTE - Application Demo

Micronutrient efficiency

The more even the supply of micronutrients, the easier it is for plant roots to reach these nutrients. Micronutrient uptake is therefore more efficient with even supply.

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