The 9-acre Challenge

9 acre challenge PICThe 9-acre Challenge is a Yara North America initiative to promote better crop nutrition for California nut orchards. As a crop nutrition expert, Yara believes there is a healthier and more profitable way to feed California nut orchards than the standard practice.

The winner of the 9-acre Challenge drawing will receive a full nutrition program to feed 9 acres of nut orchard, as well as other tools and agronomical support from Yara’s nut experts. The intention is to assess the differences in crop quality and quantity between these 9 acres and the rest of the orchard.

To participate simply register at the Yara booth at the South Valley Nut Conference in Tulare (November 4th), at the Tree and Vine Expo in Turlock (November 8th) or at the Almond conference in Sacramento (December 6-8th). You may also email “9 acre Challenge” to for an entry form. No purchase is necessary.

The winner of the Challenge will receive the following from Yara North America:

  • YaraLiva® CN-9®, up to 9 tons
  • YaraVita® Powerbor™ Ca, 3 quarts/ac, up to 7.5 gallons
  • YaraVita® Bud Builder™, 8.8 lbs per acre, up to 88 lbs 
  • Yara SOPG, up to 2000 lbs
  • 3 soil/leaf analysis during the 2017 season
  • 2 farms visit from a Yara crop expert during the 2017 season

This Yara Nutritional Program is valued at more than $3,500.